Contemporary Draped Open Tranquility Blazer

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Draped Open Tranquility Blazer. Imported Cotton/Spandex Blend. Available in 4 colors.

Sizing Chart as follows:


Chest Shoulders Sleeves Length
XXS 95cm    37.4" 38.5cm  15.2" 60.5cm  23.8" 63.5cm  25.0"
XS 99cm    39.0" 40.0cm  15.7" 61.5cm  24.2" 65.5cm  25.8"
S 103cm  40.6" 41.5cm  16.3" 62.5cm  24.6" 67.5cm  26.6"
M 107cm  42.1" 43.0cm  16.9" 63.5cm  25.0" 69.5cm  27.4"
112cm  44.1" 44.5cm  17.5" 64.5cm  25.4" 71.5cm  28.1"
XL 116cm  45.7" 46.0cm  18.1" 65.5cm  25.8" 73.5cm  28.9"

Note: Please order the size that you usually wear in your own country, and we'll send you the correct equivalent size. Please refer to the size chart above for accurate measurements of the product itself.

Due to our factories being located in multiple regions, the size that is shown on the tag of the product you receive may be showing differently from the size you ordered. Please ignore this, as the product will fit you just like the size you ordered.